Living with damage to the hypothalamus essay

It is the anterior part of the brain and largest among the three parts. The head-holder is designed to fix the skull in a rigid position. The cerebral hemispheres are divided by 3 deep fissures into 4 lobes viz.

Inputs received from the retina go to the suprachiasmatic nucleus, a small nucleus in the hypothalamus, which help regulate circadian rhythms. It calmed my skin down and knocked me out. Circuits within the brain perform a function that contributes to a behavior. Grey matter also forms islands on the white matter.

The hypothalamus is central in the regulation of body temperature, hunger, thirst, and in the management of emotions and sexual activity. They started doing HRV heart rate variability work at the beginning of my treatment sessions.

These spaces surrounding the brain as well as the cavities within the brain are filled with a lymphatic fluid, called cerebrospinal fluid CSF.

The Hidden Secret of Brain Injury: Hypothalamus Dysfunction

This pathway is termed the supraopticohypophysial tract. A couple of months later, a psychologist working with my physiatrist told me that my sympathetic system was on overdrive, and my parasympathetic was underworking.

The circumventricular organs, which contain no blood-brain barrier, monitors substances in the blood, and which can sense toxins in blood, and through the hypothalamus, induce vomiting.

What is the Hypothalamus?

The ridges of these convultions are called gyri and depressions between them as sulci. This enables the pituitary to release at least six different hormones.

That might explain what happened next. Hormones of posterior pituitary are produced in hypothalamus and later transported to pituitary. The brain is formed of two types of nervous tissue, Grey matter on the outer side and White matter on the inner side.

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Recently it has been claimed to function as a Biological clock regulating day and night periodicity. The dorsal vascular wall forms anterior choroid plexus.

The outer layer of cerebral hemispheres is called cerebral cortex or neopallium. At two places the piameter fuses with the thin, dorsal surface of the brain to form choroid plexus. Hypothalamus contains higher centres of autonomic nervous system and controls carbohydrate, fat metabolism, blood pressure and water balance.

A major part of the endocrine system consists of the pituitary gland also known as the Master gland because is controls many body functions. This gland secretes many different hormones into the bloodstream to target organs and is controlled by the hypothalamus/5(1).

The hypothalamus is the connection between the nervous system and the endocrine system, creating this link by producing and secreting neurohormones that in turn stimulate the anterior pituitary gland to secrete hormones.

Living with Damage to the Hypothalamus Essay Words | 6 Pages Living with Damage to the Hypothalamus Living with some-one who has a tumor or lesion; caused by an accidental trauma to the head, a stroke or a penetrating projectile, ect., can affect many aspects of normal life.


Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am also a traumatic brain injury survivor. Reading your blog was like reading my personal experience. I have a damaged hypothalamus, and it causes me to leave people's homes because their heat is too hot for me to tolerate.

When the hypothalamus gains admittance to these systems, it is able to control functions such as digestion, heart rate, sweating, and vasoconstriction (when blood vessels narrow, and consequently reduce the flow of blood or create high blood pressure).

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Essay on Human Brain: Structure and Function Living with damage to the hypothalamus essay
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